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Green Business Products

Green Business Products is a manufacturer and a partnership of a number of very experienced business and producers of high quality, environmentally friendly products. Our  aim is to assist our customers developing  new markets and applications ideas , complimenting their existing range  with better and  more environmentally friendly  products.

Green Business Products offers a range of environmentally friendly “green” products and services for a wide range of industries and a wide range of applications.


Our aim is to develop and offer our customers safer, more environmentally friendly products, without compromising product quality and performance. Where possible, we offer non toxic alternatives for toxic, water based for solvent based, non flammable for flammable and bio degradable for non bio degradable, while maintaining price competiveness with conventional product.


Products & Services

  • Clean Hands-Hand Cleaner
  • Universal Graffiti Remover
  • Rust Off-Rust Remover/ Descaler
  • Crystallex -Non Contact Glass And Chandelier Cleaner
  • Universal Degreaser ( For Car Engines, Motorbikes, Farm Machinery, Etc.)
  • Gym Equipment Cleaner/ Sanitiser
  • Super Lube Treadmill Lubricant
  • Vinyl And Leather Cleaner/Rejuvenator
  • No Set Concrete Retarder/ Hardener
  • Organic Weed Killer 3:1 Concentrate
  • Organic  Garden Insect Spray
  • Dog And Cat Repellent Powder
  • Electronic Circuit Cleaner
  • Rust Conversion Coating
  • Silver Jewellery Cleaner
  • Rust Penetrating Oil
  • Coal And Mineral Slurry  Dewatering Surfactant
  • Dust Suppressant For Mines And Rock Quarries
  • No Rinse Sanitiser 1to 10 Concentrate
  • Construction Industry Cleaner
  • Car Air conditioning Unit Leak Detector Dye
  • Brass Cleaner
  • Chemical And Biological Warfare Agents Decontaminant


The above list is only an example of products on offer. In addition to these, we offer a wide range of industrial, institutional and consumer products, equally based on the “green” environmentally friendly principals.


We also develop specific products to meet customer and market requirements. Our customer base covers companies and businesses that bulk buy and if so desired, rebrand or repack our product under their own brand name and sell to their end- user customer base.